A favorite cheap treat

4 thoughts on “A favorite cheap treat”

  1. I love those! I like to mix pink and white, or, in the fall, yellow, orange, and that reddish brickish color.
    I liked to mix several shades of pink, or pink with the darker reddish one. Your fall mix sounds gorgeous. No more mixing for me, though, unless my store changes its ways. 🙁

  2. I am a sucker for fresh flowers.
    When the garden starts growing my wife has a hard time keeping me away
    from the fresh lavender.
    Men usually refrain from telling the world about their love for flowers.
    Me? Never.
    Love em.
    Good on ya!! The closest most men come to admitting even an appreciation of flowers is puttering in the yard with roses or something, and then it’s “yard work.”

  3. Beautiful. It’s nice that you do that for yourself. These little things are so important! And, it doesn’t surprise me that ~m cannot be stopped from the garden. He’s a rare gem, that one!
    Yep, it’s a damn shame someone else saw him first. 🙁

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