Oklahoma’s better off

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  1. “These evangelists always come across as pretenders, bad actors with a big dollop of sleeze, crying to their congregations about sin and redemption while at the same time passing the collection plate” – ok, if you see it and I see it – what makes it invisible to these people? So sad they are taken for all they have. Uneducated? Gullible? Desperate to fit in somewhere? It is sad. Whenever someone asks for your money, there should be a red flag, right away. Some might even be seniors, it’s ESPECIALLY disgusting when someone plays on the older folks, makes me sick and mad!
    You nailed a lot of the reasons. It especially angers me when the victims are sick or crippled, in desperate need of real MEDICAL help, and they are duped into this crap instead.

  2. So, you were a member of Let Oral Roberts Die (LORD), too?
    Apparently. And I didn’t even know it.

    BTW, how come his son didn’t lay on some hands or something to save him?

  3. I feel as if I must apologize on behalf of all preachers. What he did was wrong but please don’t judge every preacher (I am one) by the actions of this asshole. Some of us find true hope in helping lead and shepherd people rather manipulate or abuse them.
    No apologies necessary. Luckily for all of us, there aren’t that many Roberts-quality assholes out there.

  4. Nice job saying what I’ve been thinking..
    Thanks. I guess I’m gambling that speaking ill of the dead won’t send me straight to a hell I don’t believe in.

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