This is ‘Customer Care’

3 thoughts on “This is ‘Customer Care’”

  1. Ah… Customer Service… one of the great casualties of our time. Nice job leveraging your website to let folks know! I’ve done that on more that one occasion.
    I sent ’em the letter first. Didn’t think of the blog post till later, but it helped. Hopefully the heartburn and headache will pass soon.

  2. I’m one of your littlest customers, a grandmother with a single registered domain name.

    Tsk. Playing the granny card. You kids today. 😛
    LOL. Guilty as charged. That card slips out all to easily; I need be careful about that.

  3. Reading this got me frustrated! Grrrr-rawrrrr!
    Then you have a good grasp of how I felt. I came perilously close to adding a smashed phone to my list of grievances. Posting this was very therapeutic!

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