But why Twitter?

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  1. Very valid point. I can appreciate your point of view, if it weren’t for my personal goals of growth I might be in the same shoes.

    Here are some thought as to why you should twitter:

    1) Branding – you are what people know of you. (so share)
    2) Branding – you are what people speak of you. (so listen)
    3) Branding – you are the weakest link (so network)

    I have multiple twitter accounts, some focus on all three items above, some only focus on one or two of them. I also help my clients as well so I also help them manage their accounts. I use tools that help me accomplish these goals. I consider some more effective then others but I do see results.

    I hope that helps.
    As a retiree, I’m not particularly concerned about branding anymore, beyond this blog. Aside from that, yes, sharing, listening, and networking are all very valid pursuits — which I accomplish with email, blogging, and phone calls. I still don’t understand why Twitter is better than a phone call or email.

  2. I have a pretty good time with Twitter. Especially when there’s something good, like the grammies to tweet about.
    Couldn’t you do the same thing on a laptop? While also being able to type more, easier, and faster? I suppose if you already have the Twitter-capable phone, i-phone, Droid, or whatever, it might be less cumbersome to have it in your hand than a laptop in your lap. But this is only because you already had the phone for making phone calls, right?

  3. Twitter is an utterly fantastic haven for spammers. Within moments of signing up, I had a bunch of “followers” who apparently expected me to follow them back. The trouble was that they were all selling garbage I had no interest in buying. On the other hand, it’s useful for keeping up with certain organizations that I like–ASPCA and so on. It’s nice to be alerted to new features on an organization’s website, when they’re going to appear on TV, what new alerts they’re putting out, etc., and have it all for numerous organizations in one place. And sometimes there are just funny Tweeters, like this one: http://twitter.com/Feral_pigeon
    LOL, that is funny. But does the guy ever sleep? Or can you schedule tweets to go out while you’re sleeping?

    1. You know, I don’t know. There might be more than one person with access to it, if it’s around the clock.

      *shifty look*
      It appears to be round the clock, although I only scanned through a few days.

      This is one reason why I give zero credence to TV news shows that claim to be getting real time tweets from various politicians and celebrities. Gimme a break! Like famous people have time to listen to and send tweets to Rick Sanchez & Company. They probably all have paid staffers who do nothing but tweet on their behalf.

  4. I’m the same way.
    I don’t use cellular tech.
    I have a prepaid phone that does the job for emergencies.
    Other than that, I’m sitting in front of the computer all day already.
    That’s enough.
    Ahh, then I’m not Lone Ranger after all. Good to know.

  5. Hey Girl,
    I’m with you – prepaid cell phone…although I use it a little more than you do. Still, I’m not glued to it or constantly on it. I have never understood the need for people to always be on their cell phones in the grocery store, while they are driving, while they are having dinner with you – seems a bit rude. I too, have no need to be reachable 24/7 and prefer a little privacy and playing hard to get socially. 😉

    As for twitter, I think it is really more an extension of texting – so rather than texting your friends separately you can text the whole world. And it was fun at first but once the whole ‘branding’ aspect of twitter and other social networking site hit – it is just another avenue for spam. I have many followers, most of whom I’ve never heard of and for the life of me can’t figure out why they are following me – the people I follow I either know or have something I am interested in knowing about. Still, it’s not a natural inclination for me to tweet anything. Cripes I have blogs, email and phones for that stuff, right?


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