Between a rock and a pot place

2 thoughts on “Between a rock and a pot place”

  1. I do not think this should be an illegal drug. It has great benefits but as we know it can be abused – that is where all the legal issues come in. With the history of this drug and the association with other illegal activities – guns etc it should be banned and some might agree.
    I know the smell, it is a popular ‘herb’ here in Jamaica and although it is illegal even school children can be found with it. It is easy to access here..on any street. I recently saw a cop take away some from a school boy.

    We do not live in a perfect world and their will always be abusers of good natural medicines.
    From what I’ve read, marijuana can significantly help with certain medical problems, including pain and glaucoma. If my doctor ever prescribes it, I certainly would want it easily and legally available.

  2. I’m sick of going to work.
    I wonder if I can get some of this. I think it would increase my productivity.

    Seriously, though, the main problem with pot is that it’s illegal. If a society is going to make alcohol legal, they ought to make marijuana legal. It’s a hell of a lot less dangerous than alcohol. Pot heads just mellow out. They don’t go on drunken rages and kill people or destroy things. All the crime associated with pot is simply because it’s illegal. Make it legal, and you can regulate it and control it a lot more effectively. But it doesn’t matter what I think.
    Obviously the people of Colorado saw the logic of this argument. It’s the conflict between state and federal law that confuses me. Which entity has jurisdiction? Or the conflict between state and local law. What good is a state law legalizing pot if a local law (or the DEA) can make it illegal?

    I guess these are the “baby steps” toward legalizing it nationwide.

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