Finally, more nuke power

2 thoughts on “Finally, more nuke power”

  1. I’m all for it, and I live in the shadow of San Onofre power plant with it’s malfunctionaing alarm system.

    Personally I think it keeps people on their toes.
    Don’t know about their malfunctioning alarm (I’ll look it up), but yes, I think the plants are good for everyone, one way or another. It’s about time we got the program back on track.

  2. At last. I wish our government in Australia would take a similar stance, but they are too entrenched in the coal reserves (especially for export) and scared of nuclear power. Apart from the huge amount of water needed to keep one cool, they are the greenest of ‘serious’ power sources available at this time. Maybe one day we can have huge solar farms when that technology develops/matures, but until then….
    I’d think that much of Australia, like the American West, would be very well suited to solar and wind farms. I hate that as green as Coloradans pretend to be, most of our power here is coal-generated. In this state, that’s just wrong. We do have some wind farms, and I pay a voluntary surtax to draw from them (in theory, anyway).

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