The red door

3 thoughts on “The red door”

  1. Don’t talk yourself out of it before you even try it!! (Speaking as someone who does that several times a day…) You’ve already been imagining how badly the conversation can go when you knock on her door, why don’t you go over and say hi and find out if you’re right? Don’t think of all the things in you that you feel are inferior to what you observe of her – think of the things that are uniquely you, things that you’re proud of, things that you could share with her – and then hold your head high, walk over, and welcome her to your neighborhood!!!
    Thanks for the pep talk. Yep, I’m a champ at talking myself out of things. I’ve gotten as close as walking the dog past her house, so I’m getting there …

  2. I second that.. I’d like to live near you. Have a cuppa from time to time..
    Oh, I’d love that. I’ll put on a fresh pot.

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