Grandma goes hi def

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  1. We’ve just bought a house in Scottsdale, AZ and one wall features these strange “cubbies” and I must say I hate the way they look. For one thing it means you have to buy loads of crap to fill each hole, and they are dust traps and they look horrid as well. Ok that was 3 things. Plus I don’t like them.

    Unless a house is ultra modern I think these flat screened tv’s always look a bit ugly.
    The best idea I’ve come up with for the cubby was adding shelves and doors for storage. But if I’m going to pay someone to do that, I’m going to rip out all the space-wasting, inefficient “shelves” (like the one above the TV in the pic), and have normal bookshelves and/or cabinets built in. It would double the current capacity. As for the TV, I agree, it doesn’t do a thing for most decors, including mine. If money were no object, I’d have it drop down from the ceiling or something — completely out of sight when not in use.

  2. NICE! I kinda like the cubby and fireplace (?). If you did put some speakers in that cubby, the sound would maybe have a nice volume from which to project itself out into the room. Not that I know diddly about acoustics … We’re pretty happy with the 40″ Samsung LN40B500P3F that we got at Walmart for $600. It doesn’t have all the connectors your model does, but I can hook up the laptop to it and watch stuff on Hulu. Now that’s some convergence!
    My menu options include a long list of “connectibles” that I can’t identify from their cryptic acronyms. I’m sure there’s a laptop connection among them; it just isn’t labeled LAPTOP. But I guess I’ll learn.

    Yes, that’s a fireplace to the right. Actually a gas fireplace insert.

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