So you think you know color

I’ve always been interested in print media, art, color, design, etc, so I found this chart particularly interesting. We hear a lot about words, gestures, or types of clothing that should or should not be used in other cultures. But I’ve never thought much about the meanings of colors in other cultures.

Click twice on the chart to fully enlarge it and explore its content — 62 different meanings/emotions across 10 different cultures. Mourning, for example, is represented by black in America, white in China, yellow in Eastern Europe, and purple in South America.

There are enough gaps to spoil the fun, but it’s interesting, nonetheless.

One thought on “So you think you know color

  1. Very cool.
    The social ramifications are interesting when you think about the misinterpretations involved in wearing the wrong color.
    And important for ad agencies that create multinational ads, I’d think.

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