The Sherrod debacle

4 thoughts on “The Sherrod debacle”

  1. I’m watching Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s news conference as I write this comment. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I can only hope that they remember this little lesson the next time these blow-hards go around spouting about America’s lost prestige.

    1. I’m watching Vilsack too. He’s striking the proper tone, I think. But he does seem to be falling on his sword and absolving the White House of responsibility.

      1. I think president Obama himself should make a statement. Whether he was directly behind this mess or not, Shirley Sherrod was fired in an effort to protect his image.

      2. Absolutely. The man calls sports teams to congratulate them on wins, etc. The very least he can do now is pick up the phone and give her three minutes of his time.

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