A doggone shame

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  1. Hi, PiedType. I followed you over here from Annie’s. The other Annie. 🙂
    I was nosing around and came across this post about the poor carsick puppy. This same thing happened to the dog of a friend of mine. Her name is Sophie. The dog, I mean. The friend’s name is Joan, not that that’s important. Sophie does the exact same thing you describe. The drooling. The hurling. The general miserableness. Sophie’s doctor didn’t have any ideas, so if Annie’s doctor comes up with one and you don’t mind sharing, I’d sure love to pass it on.

    Annie looks like a very sweet dog. And she sure is beautiful. Sorry she was feeling so sick.

    1. I’ll pass along anything I learn. I know one thing I’ve read is to give the dog Benadryl. My vet has already approved it for Annie’s allegies (1 human tablet several times a day as needed if she starts scratching too much), but I don’t see it as a direct cure for carsickness. It would probably just reduce the drooling and make her a bit sleepy.

    2. A belated postscript: I talked to my vet yesterday and he said Dramamine, the human carsickness med, is safe for dogs and I can give it to Annie. One 50 mg tablet an hour or so before getting into the car. I noticed there are several different Dramamine formulas on the market now; I was careful to buy the “original” formula (that contains an antiemetic) in the 50 mg size. He also suggested that since she now probably associates car rides with being sick, I should plan a series of short trips to fun places.

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