It’s the little things

My day began badly. The lawnmower brigade woke me up at 7:40 a.m. Not so early, maybe, for those who are normally up anyway getting ready for work or school. But for a retiree in the habit of staying up till 1 a.m., it came too damned early. Especially when I hadn’t slept well last night anyway. Angry is just not a good way to start the day.

It’s frustrating that part of my homeowner’s dues go to pay that crew. Believe me, I’ve phoned the management more than once expressing my unhappiness, even as I realize I may be the only one in the neighborhood who’s still in the neighborhood at that hour. Most of the neighbors seem to be young couples where both work and both are likely on their way to work at that hour.

It’s more the principle that really bugs me. Even when I lived in Oklahoma, where people did yard work either early or late to avoid the summertime heat, it was considered unneighborly to fire up one’s lawnmower before 9 a.m. Here in the Denver area, even on a hot day, the mornings are mild, so there’s no excuse for mowing as early as 7:40!

Okay, I realize that the more yards they can mow in a day, the more money they’ll make. But dammit, there’s got to be someplace else they can mow first. Like Farmer Brown’s north 40, or the soccer field 3 blocks over.

Okay, just had to get that out. It’s been bugging me all summer. The old crone’s rant is over. For now.

5 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. So I’m not the only one who’s sleep didn’t end so well! Mowers outside your windows at 7am is rude no matter where you live. Heck, even in the afternoon, the crew for my complex taking turns coming by is awful annoying. They actually drown out my TV with my windows closed!

    BTW, I love the new look. 😀

  2. Find out where the bastards live.
    Load up your care with a stereo and a recording of a lawn mower.
    Go over to their house at 4 AM and play it on high volume.
    Yeah, okay, sounds like too much work for revenge.
    It would probably be easier to seed the yards they mow with rocks in the evening.

    1. LOL, dood, love the way your mind works! The rocks are a tempting idea, considering yards here, including mine, are edged with 3-10 -foot borders of river rock (averaging, say, golfball-sized).

  3. Yep, our supers come through shortly before 8:00 on Monday mornings. Most folks are on the 7:10 to Manhattan by then. However, I was glad that they woke me up the other day. I was in the middle of a bad dream.

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