The logic escapes me

4 thoughts on “The logic escapes me”

  1. Dialing: 1-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5

    Hello, welcome to M Bank customer service, my name is Sylvia what can I do to help you today.

    For one, I’d like to know why I’m receiving emails addressed to someone named S—- when my name is Tammy and I’ve never had an account with M Bank. Why are you sending me emails, or sending emails to someone who no longer has this email address? Are you people insane?

    I’m sorry Tammy, I’ll have to check with our records department on this, would you please hold… No!
    You can sort your problems out on your own time. Unless there’s a reward for bringing this screw up to your attention and you owe me money, why do I have to be involved at all? Is there a reward by the way? I mean with all that stimulus money floating around, surely you guys could spare a toaster oven or maybe a vege-a-matic food chopper at least.


    1. Sorry, just found this stuck in the spam filter. I have no idea why it ended up there unless it just sounded too much like the real McCoy. Maybe you could get a job with the nearest bank’s customer “service” (their word, not mine) department, crafting their form letters and canned responses.

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