I don’t like them either, but …

I won’t bore you with the browsing history that took me from the Denver Broncos game on TV to the article in question. I’ll just refer you to “Focus on the Family Readies Anti-Family Ad Blitz.”

Actually, you don’t need to go to the “Women’s Rights” website to see there’s a problem. Just read that headline again and remember that Focus on the Family is an evangelical, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-abortion group.

(Although they seem to be anti-everything, I don’t think they are anti-family. I’m pretty sure that head should say “Pro-Family.”)

3 thoughts on “I don’t like them either, but …

  1. Yeah, I recall that Focus on the Family tends to shoot themselves in the foot politically more often than not. The irony already pointed out by one of the article’s comments detailing how Tebow’s mother utilized her free choice in rejecting the abortion. As opposed to giving the decision over to the doctors best judgment in that situation.

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