A wee confession

While I have not changed my mind about the evils and just plain silliness of Facebook, I have a confession to make. I’ve set up a Pied Type page on Facebook. Although FB is called a “social network,” I noticed a lot of businesses, organizations, and politicians, for example, openly use Facebook as a way to publicize themselves, sooo …

I decided what’s sauce for the goose might be sauce for the gander — provided I can work through 5,000 options and figure out how the whole networking thing works. Several early concerns. They say on the sign-up you’re supposed to use your real name. Umm, you think they’ll notice that “Pied Type” is not a real name? Also, there seems to be a way to set up a page for a business or website, but when I tried to do that, all I got was an email about setting up an ad, for a charge, of course. Apparently until I cough up some cash, I can’t have such a page.

Not sure how all this will work out, since I’m such a stickler for privacy, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, if any of you Facebook aficionados have any tips on how better to exploit FB, don’t be shy.

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