Crazy Christmas marketing

I almost spewed coffee across my keyboard this morning when I saw the Denver Post article.

We’ve all complained about Christmas decorations appearing before Halloween, but this beats that by a mile. Or a couple of months, at least. It seems Cadbury Easter candy is currently being sold in Colorado by KingSoopers supermarkets, a division of Kroger. A spokesperson for the chain says customers want the candy now.

I know I’m out of touch and out of step, but I’ve yet to hear a frantic Christmas shopper exclaim, “I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any chocolate Easter eggs for the kids’ Christmas stockings!”

4 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas marketing

  1. I’m always behind the marketing curve, but maybe what’s coming is the year around holiday store… you know 365, 24 7’s all the holidays, all the time. Oh, wait a minute… we already have the internet. I’m still behind.

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