Methinks Weiner doth protest too much

4 thoughts on “Methinks Weiner doth protest too much”

  1. Strangely enough, I did a search to remind myself of Rep. Weiner’s name so that I could make a joke on another blog and ran across two other politicians – one Canadian and one British – that have had almost the exact same thing happen to them. I don’t know if this is just another example of rampant perversion amongst the elite or some kind of global hacker conspiracy, but there does seem to be more to the story…

    1. Well, as I said, I’ve always liked him. But his response to this just seems … evasive. As angry and outspoken as I’ve seen him be in the House, I’d have expected more indignation — even outrage — if he were completely innocent. But then, who knows what reaction to expect from someone who has never confronted such an accusation.

  2. Postscript: Today on his CNN segment, Jack Cafferty asked, “Can Rep. Anthony Weiner survive Weinergate? My rather ordinary response was one of the ones he read on the air:
    “Susan in Denver:
    Nope. If he had flatly denied it several days ago and then shut up, he might have had a chance. But the more he talked, the worse he looked, and I now believe he’s toast.”

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