Playing with sound


Looking for a little relaxation? Something to take your mind off your troubles?

I can think of lots of great, expensive, time-consuming ways to occupy your time. But for a little distraction right here, right now, check out these two delightful timewasters at the André Michelle Laboratory: Pulsate and ToneMatrix. Simple instructions for each appear at the top left of the screen.

Those of you with musical talents might make more of these pastimes than the rest of us, but if you have eyes and ears, you’ll probably have fun, at least for a few minutes. If you come up with a tune/sound you like, keep that tab open while you move on to other things.

5 thoughts on “Playing with sound

  1. I think it’s no wonder teens and preteen kids these days can imagine things I would never have imagined when I was twice their age. Wow!

  2. Heh. Not until this morning did I discover that with my volume turned higher, there were also faint echoes and bumps in the background. Wish I had better speakers.

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