Wowee, it’s presidential debate time … again … still

I can’t believe I watched. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. All two hours’ worth.

I refer to the CNN Republican candidates’ debate in New Hampshire. Actually, when they started, Michele Bachmann wasn’t an official candidate. But she announced her candidacy during the broadcast. Isn’t she the sly one. Beyond that, she managed not to shoot herself in the foot.

Romney looked a little smug, a little too slick. Which means he hasn’t changed a bit since 2008. Gingrich was there, even though most of his staff walked out on him a few days ago. Pawlenty remains a blah on my scale, and he should have tap danced around saying he thinks Palin is qualified to be president. Cain was interesting just because I didn’t know anything about him. Santorum — still can’t stand him; he’s so far right he’s off the radar.

That leaves Ron Paul. I loved what he said about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. He skewered Romney (I think it was Romney) by saying he wouldn’t wait for word from his generals; as commander-in-chief, he’d be the boss and he’d tell them what to do, not vice versa. Okay, maybe not realistic, but point made. The president is in charge.

Personally, I think it’s way too early for the 2012 presidential debates to be starting. But such is the power of the media. Summers are slow; they need something to keep themselves in the public eye.  … “Hey, guys, let’s have a debate!!”

2 thoughts on “Wowee, it’s presidential debate time … again … still

  1. I admit that I’m a long time Ron Paul junkie. He’s right almost every time about ever thing.


  2. I’m not impressed yet with Paul and I agree Cain was interesting because I didn’t know one thing about him. I was very interested in seeing Bachmann, I just knew she was going to pull a feather out of somewhere. I’m with you, way early for debates but yup ratings seem to be slow on the rumor front. Something about Romney makes me think, bulshit. Shall be interesting.

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