‘This ain’t no uniform,’ this is a train wreck

Maryland uniform

New Maryland "pride" uniform

I’d no sooner gotten home from an appointment with my ophthalmologist than an IM from my son popped up on my computer screen: “Want to see the ugliest football uni ever?”

Of course I did. We talk about team uniforms a lot and have very strong opinions about what looks good and what doesn’t. We’re superstitious enough, sportswise, to think a great-looking uniform is important and just might be the edge a team needs to win.

So I clicked on the link and found a dramatic video about the magnificent new University of Maryland football uniforms. Ouch! Am I still seeing double or something? Then came the still shots and all the commentary. Apparently I’m the only one in the country who didn’t become aware of the uniforms last night when Maryland was beating Miami (a team we Sooners love to hate). Doesn’t matter. The uni is still a train wreck. Two teams collided and this is what they pulled out of the wreckage. Kind of like those commercials featuring collisions between peanut butter and chocolate, but without the delicious result.

Maybe, just maybe, the whole thing is a brilliant plot to confuse Maryland’s opponents. So far, it’s working.

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3 replies

  1. It reminds me of a mediaeval banner I saw at a castle: the strip has a heraldic feel. Do these guys joust?


  1. Nice flag, not so nice uniforms « Pied Type

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