The Tony Bennett conspiracies

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  1. I don’t claim to know what’s in Tony Bennett’s heart, but I agree that his spur-of-the-moment comment was probably closer to his true beliefs than the cleaned-for-PC version he released later. And frankly, with the possible exception of his revealing something said in confidence by a friend, I can’t say that I disagree with what he said either. But most importantly, I believe he has an absolute right to speak his mind about his own personal beliefs. What kind of message does it send to the average citizen when those they look up to aren’t free to speak their minds? The people who’re all up-in-arms about his statements ought to take a look at themselves and recognize how similar their reactions are, at least philosophically, to the extremists who want to kill us.

    Anyway… Did you see Alec Baldwin’s impression of Tony Bennett on SNL?:

    1. I think he probably said what he meant and meant what he said the first time. It’s sad and a little scary that one can’t express an honest opinion anymore without being vilified for it and having to go back and “correct” oneself.

      No, I hadn’t seen the Baldwin skit. I’ve never been a fan, but even so I got some giggles out of it. If his material was half-way accurate though, Bennett’s memory (and thus his Bush story) may be more suspect than I thought.

    1. I’d like to think you’re right, although I once wrote that Bush reminded me of The Fonz in the Happy Days episode where he tried but was unable to say he was “w… w…. wr…. wro … ” wrong.

      1. I’m sure that if he ever uses that word it will be in an entirely new language. “I was incorectized by advisorators that had conclusionated missappropriately.”

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