There’s child abuse and then there’s … child abuse

10 thoughts on “There’s child abuse and then there’s … child abuse”

  1. M and I saw that on TV at the diner tonight. Our assessment was that Child Protective Services should pay a visit to that SOB and his wife, as well as anyone who buys the book.

  2. I completely agree with your take on this, Pied. I’m not surprised that these people are religious, though. Authoritarianism runs strong in religion, does it not?

    In remembering my own childhood, and that’s one long remember, I recall my father swatting my behind. Once. Isn’t it interesting that I recall the swat of some 70 years ago, but not the offense that occasioned it? My experience with our own boys is similar – probably once, no more than twice, and certainly not hard enough to hurt.

    I am not in favor of banning any books because there is no way to draw a line, but when people discuss issues like this I hope someone makes the point that human beings are wildly varied in their natures. Our three boys were compliant in nature, as was I, but some are rebellious and that might make corporal punishment even more counter-productive. And then there’s the factor of anger; once that’s in play, control is forfeit. I’m confident that no one philosophy will handle all, but pain should not be in the mix.

    1. I’m sure I was probably spanked at least once in my life, but I don’t remember it. I was a very obedient child and the mere thought of my daddy being unhappy with me for any reason was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

      No, I would never advocate banning any book either. Limiting sales of certain books to certain audiences (eg, porn to kids), maybe. As bad as banning, or worse, I think, is the “sanitizing” of old books to make them politically correct by today’s standards. The only correct form for a book is the way the author wrote it. Publishing Huckleberry Finn without the n-word, for example, is censorship just as surely as is banning. But I digress. Pardon me.

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