If someone had died, who would you blame?

5 thoughts on “If someone had died, who would you blame?”

  1. Perhaps like you, Pied, I can’t help but get a frisson of pleasure from the thought that the OWS people might be making the 1% uncomfortable, but I also agree that they aren’t behaving very wisely. The smart way is the political way, IMHO.

    1. I think they have a lot of valid points, but I don’t think camping in Denver’s Civic Center Park, or Oakland’s, or Atlanta’s, or NYC’s is going to disturb the sleep or the consciences of the 1% — or even that fraction of the 1% who are truly to blame. The ballot box is the only effective, legal approach I can think of.

  2. I fear nothing can make the 1per cent uncomfortable: the hide of a rhino got them where they are today. The key to protest which is really effective is to find out what hurts. To capture the attention of a niche audience. Camping out in the snow is open to ridicule, but it’s not getting to people whose consciences are impervious to entreaty.

    1. The politicians can be reached only through the ballot box. The corporate and financial CEOs, via their bottom lines. Elections and boycotts of companies and products; maybe they are the way to go.

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