Civic duty done

2 thoughts on “Civic duty done”

  1. Dang. They never call me for jury duty and I think I would find it interesting. 12 Angry Men, redux, maybe. Maybe they don’t want inquisitive minds on juries though. I have long harbored a feeling that I don’t get on lists because I’m retired military, but, how would they know that? Am I on a list somewhere? “This guy is always contrary – avoid like the plague.”

    My wife, Mollie, was on an interesting jury a few years ago – it was an arson case where a business owner was suspected of setting fire to his own business because it was in financial trouble. He was guilty and went to the slammer.

    1. I, too, have always thought it would be interesting to be on a jury. If it weren’t for the possible night driving, I’d have been happy to serve this time. If they’d just call me up during the summer, I think I’d be a great juror.

      As for getting on the list in the first place, your state must not be trying very hard. Around here they go through drivers licenses, tax records, property records, etc. to find eligible people. I’ve only been in Colorado since 2005 and I think this is the third time I’ve been summoned. You might be right about the retired military thing. They probably figure you’ve already done more than your share of service to the community.

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