So that’s how it is

9 thoughts on “So that’s how it is”

  1. at the risk of being too blunt – these creeps are all self-righteous pieces of shit. sorry – but this sort of troglodyte brings out the worst in me. like the post tho’ – people have to know. continue…

  2. I concur, Lynley. Some people – and organisations -have rhino hide. They choose to be impervious to the needs of their fellow man.

    If there were really gates of heaven, I would like to stand there for a while and watch this sort try to get in. If there really were, I would hope they had big bad bouncer-angels to tell them how it is.

    1. Didn’t see the show. Just saw the teaser once and caught his comment in passing. Been trying ever since to find a video of the conversation to confirm I heard him correctly.

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