TV anchor leaves hospital, dog owner issues statement

8 thoughts on “TV anchor leaves hospital, dog owner issues statement”

  1. Thanks for the update. I just wish someone of “authority” would simply explain the dogs “point of view.” Having been through the stress, in an unusual, brightly lit and busy place, then having the reporter lower her face like that. Any experienced dog trainer knows dogs often see that as a sign of aggression.

    I do like what the owner said, “We hope that the incident of Max falling through the ice serves as a reminder to all responsible pet-owners to keep their dogs on-leash.” Very wise statement. He, and the dog, are both very lucky.

    1. Yes, it’s a timely warning. The day after Max fell into the pond, another local dog fell into another local pond, and a team of four rescuers never found him. Very sad.

      1. So sad. Makes me want to cry. Oh, I kinda blew up at your troll that commented on your first post. Another ignorant person about pit’s… and this dog is not even a pit.

  2. The owner is always responsible for the dog. Go look at a Caesar Millan show and you’ll see – He rehabilitates dogs and trains people. Gosh you are all so dumb.

  3. Thanks for the update. What really bothered me about the video of this event was the owner’s reaction immediately after the incident…just sat there….most would have been giving immediate “correction” to the dog and moving the dog away – or at least moving between dog and newscaster…. just sitting there.
    Have seen it all in slow motion and heard dog trainers point all the ways the dog was trying to warn the newscaster.
    Mom was right never never put you face down by a dog’s…even a poodle’s.

    1. It appeared that neither the owner nor the firefighter moved to do anything. But Dyer turned away so they may not have realized for a moment that she was injured. Many reports said the firefighter jumped in immediately and administered first aid until the ambulance and animal control arrived. All of which must have further traumatized the poor dog.

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