Hey, GM, no bonuses until the bailout is repaid

11 thoughts on “Hey, GM, no bonuses until the bailout is repaid”

      1. Oh, crickey! I’m sure the employees deserve it, but we deserve to be paid back first. The top dogs should waive there’s, since they make so damn much, and all would be good. Well, better anyway.

      2. With both the auto and bank bailouts, nobody should have gotten a bonus until the loans were fully repaid. (Of course, nobody should have gotten a bailout in the first place, IMHO.)

    1. Excellent clip, Ima; it clarifies things a lot. While I agree with Pied that it is too early for bonuses I can’t help feeling a sense of optimism about the resurgence, especially since I as a taxpayer am a passive stockholder. Now let’s hope that the Treasury Department also has better accountants than GM does and all the money actually does get paid back in a year or two.

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