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Look what the cat dragged in

curious catAs a blog administrator, I love to peruse my stats for clues as to who is visiting Pied Type, how and why they came here, what they were looking for, etc. The search terms in particular can be informative, puzzling, amusing, or just plain weird. But each of these brought a visitor to Pied Type, so I shouldn’t be too critical, right?

  • rio degenaro — Amazing how computers can read the minds of the uneducated
  • who gets pied vote 2012 — I’m not telling
  • a picture of a old man nacid — It had to be “old man” because I’ve never written “nacid”
  • old nacked man pictures — Shall we make assumptions about the people who look for pictures of “nacked” men?
  • man @ladis necket photo — Yep, by all means, let’s make those assumptions
  • naked man typed smiley — Gotta be better things to do while naked …
  • who is pied type word press — Hmm. A fan or a stalker?
  • pied airlines — I’d feel much safer on an airline that is not pied
  • world most ugliest dog — Editors cry a lot when people keep searching for “most ugliest dog” (and they do, almost every day)
  • girl piend in nature — Even allowing for typos, I’ve no idea what this person was looking for
  • tłumaczenie paving the cow paths — Is that a foreign language or a typo?
  • mint is not working with keybank — Incredible. A large national bank hasn’t fixed this problem more than two years after it was first reported?
  • video of eagle and eggs in oclahoma — Sigh. Well, at least they like birds
  • jack parr tebow songs — Admittedly my first thought was “But Jack Paar is dead!”
  • peace symbol bomber — Wait, there’s somebody going around bombing people with peace symbols?
  • bodacioustatas — That’s all one word? Since when?
  • concervatives low iq study — One of them is concerned?
  • write spelling of surprice — Computers are a blessing to folks like this
  • 1-800-955-6600 — Do I look like a phone book?
  • world’s ugliest skinless cat — Eww, there’s a contest I never want to see
  • bachmann naked — Even more hideous than a skinless cat

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16 thoughts on “Look what the cat dragged in

  1. Hmm. I really hadn’t paid attention to this before, so I just looked at my search-term stats and I don’t have anything like yours. I’m not sure what this means, but judging from your list some people have way too much time on their hands. 🙂

    1. I’ve been collecting them for a while, and a wide range of topics means more off-beat searches end up here. The all-time listing (drill down in your stats) seems to exclude misspelled and nonsensical terms, so I assume you have to pick them up within a day or two if you want to save them. My all-time stats do mention 17 searches for “alien bilgisayar” and I’m utterly clueless about what that might be. The all-time top five searches shown are:
      ramen noodle recipe 1,064
      travelers advantage 906
      alien computer 655
      michelle obama 653
      alienware 559

  2. You responded to a comment at She Speaks, so that’s how I came by finding you. I’ve had some really weird ones too. Like today, “everyday i’m fluffing” or “what’s a totsy.” They never cease to amuse me.

      1. LOL…. I just took a gander at some of mine. Here are a few which leaves me scratching my head:
        “dog with penis on his back”

        “the world will not be destroyed by the people doing it”

        “personal + + + + of all board of directors in united states”

  3. I always have my email open in one tab and my stats page open in another. That makes it much easier to resume where I left off, using session manager, after rebooting from a PC freeze-up.

    At any rate, I look at my stats all the time, and I wish it would show which posts those referrers and searches led to. For example, I’d really like to know which one came up from the “benazir bhutto sexy ass” search listed there right now?!?! 😯

    1. I try to be grateful for the stats we get, but there are a lot more we could get if WP weren’t so security conscious. Which I also try to be grateful for, although I don’t always succeed.

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