YouTube bans ‘religiously offensive’ material

6 thoughts on “YouTube bans ‘religiously offensive’ material”

  1. Politicians whose oath to the constitution is only perfunctory and who the media deems are “Electable” believe that once elected, they have the authority and power to force you and I to respect and conform to their beliefs. Four such are campaigning for the top administrative office in the land right now. Those who don’t understand the difference between a Democracy where a majority can enslave a minority and a Republic where the minority has inviolate rights against majority oppression will no doubt elect one of them again. Me… Unless Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I’m throwing my vote away by supporting with money and my vote – the Libertarian Candidate. Again.

    1. And what does Paul think about censorship? I would hope as a strict constitutionalist, he doesn’t believe in any censorship, since it would violate the First Amendment.

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