Pet names: Trendy vs. traditional

9 thoughts on “Pet names: Trendy vs. traditional”

    1. Beats me. The only Lola I can think of is the 1998 movie “Run, Lola, Run” and an old 1950s song, “Whatever Lola Wants.” Can’t say I’m wild about it for either a person or a pet.

  1. I must be following the pack as I named my Heeler mix, Kady which has become Kadybugs LOL We do seem to make them family. I do like these names…My cat is Tinks 😉
    Ya, what about birds??? 😉

    1. My Mousse often becomes Mousse-Mousse, and Annie becomes Annie Bo Bannie. I can’t explain either. But T.S. Eliot wrote that all cats have three names, and I’ll bet it applies to dogs, too.

      As for bird names, I’m clueless. There an undated list (one of many) of popular bird names at Top five names there are Angel, Me, Pumpkin, Getty, and Coco.

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