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Beware the hoodie

I just picked up my new Hanes catalog at the mailbox and as I was thumbing through it … gasp! Hoodies! At least five different pictures. Two were of a very attractive young white female model peering flirtatiously from under her hoodie. Then there’s a good looking Hispanic woman sporting a white hoodie. My favorite hoodie, however, is the navy waffle weave worn by a ruggedly handsome man leaning casually against the mast of his sailboat. (He can threaten me any day.) And who knows what hoodies lurk in those other three catalogs … L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, and One Hanes Place.

However, my most shocking hoodie discovery came last night, right in my own bedroom. That’s right, folks. Grandma’s bathrobe is a hoodie.



  1. Haven’t you heard PT? Hoodies are all the rave these days – especially among the “talking heads” cashing in on the Trayvon Martin tragedy…

    Hey I just thought… my bathrobe’s a hoodie too. Better make sure my shades are drawn when I were it, just in case my neighbors are out prowling for bad guys! 😀

      • Well made stuff. I love going to the thrift stores and only walking out with these labels – at a small fraction of what retail price is. Especially here in ABQ, people get this stuff for gifts, have no idea what it is as it’s not their regular stuff they were, and drop it off at the thrift stores. I’ve walked out with $80 Columbia sweaters, with tag still on them, for $3. LOVE it!

        • Lucky you. Unfortunately, they don’t offer many styles in my older, more zoftig size. I think they assume, correctly, that women my size won’t be out boulder hopping and peak scaling. Doesn’t mean I don’t still love and crave their styles, colors, and technology.

  2. I have about 10 hoodies that I wear at work. I’m no thug but now I’m wondering if that’s why people go to the other side of the hall when they see me. Either that or I have B.O.?

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