Why we own dogs

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful?! I get this kind of reception from my “lethal white” Aussie (deaf and blind in one eye) EVERY time I come home from being gone at work all day. Every time! It is so wonderful!

    1. Lucky you! These days I’m rarely away long enough to get this kind of celebratory greeting. But I’m still always met at the door with a happily wagging tail. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

      1. I wouldn’t either. Although they are both very attached, my lethal more so than his mother. He will not let me out of his sight – of his one seeing eye, that is. Anywhere I go in the house, he follows my. I’ve nick named him my “White Shadow.”

  2. Wonderful. But I’d rather know that these men were returning from a day’s work than to have had to come home from the places they have been.

    They shouldn’t have even had to film such reunions.

  3. GREAT post!! Made me tear up too.
    Will always be a ‘cat’ person. Have to say that I’ve had several dogs as companions over the years as well. The dogs and cats together in the household got along, played and always slept in a big pile together in front of the fire even when we human ‘pets’ of theirs would argue and go to bed cold lmfao!
    Love the little beasties 🙂

    1. Lots of tears today. We all love our beasties. I have a cat too. Can’t imagine ever being sans cat or sans dog. I’ve almost always had at least one of each (my biggest problem is that with kitties, it seems there always room for “just one more”). I’m such a sucker for strays and homeless critters. I swear they have scouts that go around marking my house so they’ll all know where I live …

      1. I snooped and heard the German talking to RC Cat. Apparently animals know how to read an invisible sign that’s posted in the front yards of people who will give shelter and food..and hugs…most important, hugs. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the door and screamed “No Vacancies”…but let them in anyway.) Cute post

      2. I knew it! But I’d imagined a symbol on the curb, like the old hobo signs. The one for Kindhearted Lady even looks like a wee beastie. And yes, I always let them in. Every single one of them.

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