I know you think you know what you see but what you see is not what you think

I’ve always been intrigued by optical illusions. This one is a new twist on an old standard. Isn’t it great? For more impossible objects and illusions like this, mosey on over to Funzug.
impossible dice

Categories: art/design, Sci Tech

10 replies

  1. I love this! It’s enough to make you run away with a pile of die and work it out. Thanks for the link! Off to look at some more!

  2. Escher has always been one of my favorites.

  3. Oh how I love optical illusions. Thanks for the connect PT! 😀

  4. The least the Funzug site could do, IMHO, is to credit M. C. Escher who originated this concept. He was an interesting guy.

    • Maybe they thought Escher concepts were so ubiquitous and well known as to not need mention. Personally I’d like to know more about the creation of this particular photographic interpretation, which I find even more intriguing than Escher’s original. And thanks for the link, btw. I don’t recall having read the biography before now.

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