I’m a weather watcher

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  1. I’ve got so many weather, etc. site bookmarks that I can’t keep track of them. And now, thanks to you, I have a few more to contend with… Thanks PT! 😉 😀

  2. I use NWS (Weather.gov) for almost everything… except for the wind map at hint.fm/wind, fantastic program, updated every hour… one of the coolest wind maps I’ve ever seen (and the only one that I can instantly understand!)
    I too grew up in Oklahoma, and I remember many times going down into the root cellar because my dad thought there was something in the air. I don’t remember if there were weather alerts or not in that era, but I don’t remember them, and the forecasts on the AM radio were pretty vague. Radar was less than ten years old then, and communication was exclusively by phone; we had a crank one, I remember, 4-house party line, heh.

    1. Doh! NWS is such an obvious place to check, and yet I’ve been missing it. And that wind map is gorgeous! Like a piece of art. Thanks so much for sharing that.

      The house I grew up in in Oklahoma City was a big old brick house built in 1909 and now located in the Heritage Hills preservation area near downtown. It was built like Fort Knox, with foot-thick walls, and had a rec room in the basement. As kids we waited out a lot of storms down there, either playing ping pong or sitting under the big solid oak bar. I don’t remember how we got our warnings, or even if there were warnings. We probably just got sent down there whenever my parents thought the weather seemed threatening. Funny, I don’t remember them ever being down there with us …

  3. For up close and personal weather you can’t beat the view from an airplane. Mollie and I, coming home from a week’s vacation, flew from Dallas to Joplin last evening (4/14/12) and say towering, menacing thunderheads all along the way to our west. Fortunately the worst of it stayed there and the flight was uneventful, but the full power of Mother Nature was on magnificent display. Now safely home, I am referring to our weather rock for the latest. It was damp this morning and is now swaying in the wind – feels about 73 degrees to the touch. Never lets me down. 😀

    1. Love those infallible, ever-reliable weather rocks. (I think mine blew away this morning.)

      Man, you picked one heckuva night to be flying that route! But I’ll bet it was spectacular. I thought about you last night; for a while it looked like Joplin was going to get nailed again. Glad to hear all’s well.

  4. This is great! I’m a weather watcher too…my daughter was supposed to have taken off from Dallas and hour ago,,but delayed due to storms…I knew five minutes before she called, that she wasn’t leaving just then. Love all of the tips on the sites! Thanks!

      1. Made it…Now they just have a two hour drive to try to beat the storms home..sure it’ll be fine…but I’ll be staying up until I get that all important text 🙂

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