Modern office warfare

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    1. That other site is great! And such an appropriate title. The two sites really remind me to appreciate my rather solitary existence. Of course, it could be that some day I’ll end up in a retirement home and discover that the same sort of thing goes on there, too.

    1. I most hated the dirty dishes and coffeemaker wars. In every place I ever worked, the men always left those jobs to the women. My refusal to clean up after other adults did not endear me to some of my co-workers. Ugh. I get stressed just remembering office games and politics.

  1. OMG PT, those are hilarious! You should have seen the crazy “anonymous” comments we’d leave in the log book at Air Force Global Weather Central. You probably wouldn’t want to see the ones we left for each other on the latrine stall walls. Anyway, the log books had to be replaced quite often – with a contest, of course, to see who could steal the current one closest to it being full. And they eventually decided it was cheaper to tape huge sheets of construction paper on the latrine walls than it was to have them painted over every other week. Of course, those sheets became “collectors items” too! 😉

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