Frog day afternoon

Froggy went a-courtin’ and got dumped? I dunno. You tell me. The person who posted this said the frog was found this way, was not injured, glued in place, etc., and soon hopped off into the water.

11 thoughts on “Frog day afternoon

    1. Well, if you figger that there’s 18 gazillion frogs, is it really surprising that one is weird? I wish that humans had that good of a ratio!

      1. That’s hilarious! Sometimes I wonder though, if perhaps the human stats look so odd because we keep assuming that sanity is the norm for our species? I think history offers a slightly different view! 😆

    1. Maybe he was stunned or something? And it now occurs to me to ask, how did he get up on that bench in the first place? Could he have jumped that high? Hmmm …

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