And I thought windy landings in Oklahoma were hairy!

10 thoughts on “And I thought windy landings in Oklahoma were hairy!”

  1. Bilbao is in N. Spain near the Bay of Biscay. I went to Google Earth and looked at the airport runway layout and, as I thought might be the case I found that it its two runways have limited direction. Many airports have their runways at right angles to one another but at Bilbao they are within about 25 degrees of each other. This means there’s no way to avoid a significant cross-wind if winds come from an unusual direction. This would definitely make me nervous as a passenger.

    1. I experienced one very windy landing in Oklahoma, in a small King Air that was bouncing all over the sky due to both wind and rising thermals on a very hot day. But everything smoothed out at about 100 feet and we touched down nice and straight. I’m surprised that plane in the video didn’t twist its tires off when it touched down at that angle. I wonder how many seats had to be sanitized after the passengers deplaned …

  2. I just caught the tail end of that report, so I wasn’t really sure what it was about. Good grief, I’d have had a serious need to change my underwear after that! 😯

    1. Looked to me like he was just about squared away on his landing roll. Not that that made me feel any better. I almost had to change my drawers just from watching the video!

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