BP Oil: First criminal charges filed

10 thoughts on “BP Oil: First criminal charges filed”

  1. This is a big story here – for a couple of days, so it must be the region – out coast and fishing industry were adversely affected.
    The feeling and analysis here is that this guy is just a pawn and scapegoat. This one little guy the best they can do? Seriously? Joke.

    1. I can see this grinding on forever, with only a few little guys like Mix being picked off. The executives will never be held accountable for the corporate mentality that led to this disaster; they never are.

  2. Now it seems to me that, if they can prove their case against this guy, that victory should then be good evidence that his supervisor failed to take action. And then, if they can get that guy to roll, the falling dominoes might just lead to a victory that actually counts. Yeah, I know… I’m not betting on it either!

  3. Not it hasn’t rec’d much news coverage. I saw it come across the CNN wordpress blog thingy I subscribed to and haven’t heard anything on TV about it. I’m glad, though. I want to cry every time I see that poor pelican above.

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