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Category: BP oil spill

Louisiana brown pelican mired in BP oil

BP Oil: First criminal charges filed

The story hasn’t garnered a lot of headlines, but the first criminal charges have finally been filed in the case of the BP oil spill two years ago. According to […]

Just a matter of time

It’s been almost two years since BP oil’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig burned and sank into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 men. And it was all due to human […]

Surprise, the oil isn’t gone

Remember that little “oops” of an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico over the summer? That wee little incident that BP and the U.S. government kept insisting wasn’t as […]

Who do you trust?

This week BP finally got its oil-spewing hole in the Gulf of Mexico shut down. The final cementing via a relief well is still to come, but the flow has […]

Ding dong, the witch is dead

BP CEO Tony Hayward is out. Fired, resigned, reassigned. Small comfort to those injured, perhaps irreparably, by BP’s gulf oil spill. Small comfort to Americans outraged by his pompous, arrogant, […]

Summer news snooze

The Mosque at Ground Zero The “mosque at Ground Zero” isn’t. It isn’t a mosque and it isn’t at Ground Zero. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Whether it’s […]

Great idea, except for that last part

Scientists have come up with a new idea for protecting Louisiana’s coastal marshlands from encroaching oil — release more water into the Mississippi River. Water flowing from the mouth of […]

Let’s un-retire Gen. Honore

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré did a CNN interview on June 14, a day before Pres. Obama gave his pathetic Oval Office address. He said the kinds of things […]

If I ran the zoo

If I ran the zoo that is the Gulf oil disaster response, I’d have put Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré in charge. I’d have done it back on April 29, when […]

Hayward, take your ads and go home

Oh, yes, Tony Hayward, you and BP “will get this done” and you “will make it right.” Meantime, stop spending your millions to spread your unctuous, ill-timed, ill-conceived advertising all […]