It was windy in Denver Friday

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      1. Not a problem. Now, please… share your rain and snow from time to time. And not just the mountains down here, but also in the city of Albuquerque. Especially the snow and below freezing temp’s for a while in the winter. Our past winter was way too mild. Now the city has an abnormal amount of Miller Moths (they’re not here where I live the valley south of the city), and the dog ticks. OH… MY… DOG! Horrible! I have front-lined my two dogs, and that doesn’t matter. They’re still latching on and sucking away. I had one crawling up my wall just recently. They seem to favor my “lethal white” Aussie, “Dork”. Ticks prefer white dogs to begin with. Why, not sure. I haven’t interviewed any yet. Then Dork has a thinner coat than his mother. Plus he has the real thin pink skin… and the ticks go crazy over him! Every night they both get a tick search. Horrible.

        Okay, I got off topic there….

        Today is a gorgeous day! yesterday was a tad windy in Santa Fe, but tolerable. And today…. magnificent! And I’ll be inside on the computer… 😀 Got some paid jobs building a site and doing some graphics for a screen printing shop. Yay!!! I love extra cash.

      2. Beautiful here today, too. Sunny, no wind, low ’60s. We got seriously shorted on snow and cold this winter too, or I’d have shared. (March was the warmest and driest on record). Denver depends on the snowpack for water, and has already started rationing in parks and other public places.

        I’ve never noticed an insect problem here, with the elevation and dry air, but I’ve no doubt that ticks are raging in the woods. I just don’t happen to spend much time there. Some local news anchors the other night were talking about the millers. I remember them being around a lot when we vacationed in the mountains, but I don’t think I’ve seen one here (far north Denver suburbs, high ground) since I arrived in ’05.

        I see Annie (Golden lab mix) has taken up her place by her food dish, indicating that it’s dinner time. Guess I’d better tend to that.

    1. As I recall from my one visit to your area, wind or breeze in any form would be very welcome. It’s the only thing that makes the humidity more tolerable.

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