WordPress installs option for comment follow-ups

5 thoughts on “WordPress installs option for comment follow-ups”

  1. We understand some people don’t like it, which is why it’s an option now. (–WP guy)

    I’m still not sure what the ginormous deal was, the box is highly visible and its meaning is pretty clear (I just unchecked the comment notification box on your blog), but yes, the yelling worked and now it’s an optional feature. Which is as it should have been.

    There might be something to setting up a 10% club on WordPress, where WP gets 10% of its users to join a Beta testing club. The new features go through a test phase via the 10% before it gets released into the general population. That way everyone has some idea what the reaction is going to be, and maybe make the changes before the schnitzel hits the fire.

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