Rain in the Rockies — I wish

If you arrived here in response to a notice that I’d posted something new, I apologize. I tried reblogging one of my old posts, just to see how it worked, and decided it was too big a mess to leave in place (confirming my conviction that Reblog is a bad tool and I don’t want anyone reblogging my material). All I really wanted to do was put up this picture from an old post.

Sure could use a view like this again, real soon. The High Park Fire continues to burn and this evening jumped a highway and the Poudre River along its northern perimeter. Fire officials had hoped the river would contain the fire. It has been contained on the east and south, where the largest populations were threatened, but it consumed another 2,000 acres today. Burnouts are being conducted along the western and northwestern edges in an effort to keep it from reaching extremely flammable beetle kill areas. Containment overall is estimated now at 15%-20%. Some 70 square miles have been charred, making this the third largest fire in Colorado history.

2 thoughts on “Rain in the Rockies — I wish

  1. I actually submitted a comment for the reblog version, only to have the page go blank on me. But that’s still a great image, and I do hope you guys get some rain soon. One of out local weather guys said that we’re 60% off the amount of moisture we should have in the soil here, and there’s no rain in the forecast through next week. Hopefully we aren’t headed for wildfire problems too.

    BTW, I also hate the way the reblog thing works. Which is why my “nightcap” post was reblogged the old fashioned way too! 😀

    1. The page probably went blank because I was deleting it at that moment. Sorry about that. It was just too confusing with the old title already posted (even though I wrote a new title), and no date to indicate that the reblogged post was several years old, and the fact that my newer comments were dropped in after the reblog, rather than up front as an introduction. I not only have issues with Reblogging trampling on copyrights, but I have a lot of complaints about how it does what it does.

      Anyway, here’s hoping everyone who needs rain gets some soon. And keeps getting it until all the droughts are broken.

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