Beast on a rampage

Here’s a different map of Colorado’s High Park Fire, one I found particularly interesting. It shows the fire’s ignition point (red dot, SW corner of lavender area) and then where the fire burned each day from June 10 through June 18. The legend does not explain the two points marked with overlayed W, X, Y, Z, and black Õs. It’s possible they are fire stations, as one was reportedly destroyed in the fire. Don’t be misled by the as-the-crow-flies mileage scale; the burned area includes a lot of elevation changes and to date totals 107 square miles.

It’s frightening to see how much ground the fire covered in the first few days when the focus was necessarily on evacuation, not containment. Note the gray areas showing four previous burns in the same area. It looks like Mother Nature was determined to clear this land, one way or another.

View really big High Park Fire progression map here
(Be patient. This large view takes a long time to load.)

For the latest maps, details, and updates on the High Park Fire, see

5 thoughts on “Beast on a rampage

  1. Thanks for posting this…it’s really hard to get a feel for the enormity of this fire…Just awful..
    But you’re right…Mother Nature cleans house, one way or the other.

    1. I’m about 50 miles south of the fire, so no danger. Just great sorrow. I can’t begin to imagine living in the area and seeing those flames approaching.

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