Another fire, and this one’s personal

Reports started coming in about an hour ago of a fire in Estes Park, CO, which I often call my favorite place in the world. The fire started just 1/4 mile west of the cabin where I always used to stay, 1/2 mile from Rocky Mountain National Park headquarters, 1/2 mile from the restaurant where I always have lunch and the shop where I always browse. Latest reports say 20 acres and 10-16 structures have burned, with evacuations ordered for everything within a mile. It’s a heavily populated slope on the west edge of Estes Park, along the east border of the park. There’s no “good” direction for the fire to spread; the last report said it’s moving east, into town.

I think I’ll go have a good cry …

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this PT. Not that it matters I guess, but I hope this one at least wasn’t started by some roaming maniac.

    • The arsonist is still on the loose. He’s set at least 20 fires since Monday and they think he’s a local who knows the area. I haven’t heard yet exactly how the Estes fire started, but some reports have said in or at a cabin/house, which sounds like maybe a grill or some interior fire.

  2. Good grief. This is just awful. I hope they extinguish it quickly. This is too much. 😦

    • They called in a heavy tanker and 3 or 4 helicopters from the High Park Fire (about 20 miles away) and apparently had it under control by about 5 pm. However, that was just the tail end of one local news broadcast and I haven’t been able to to confirm it.

      Bringing it even closer to home, my DIL and grandson drove right by there just before the fire started. They were hiking up in the park. Estes is our primary base of operations for summer activities in the mountains.

  3. Latest report: 21 homes were lost.

  4. Sobbing. Just Sobbing. Friend’s cabin there – trying to locate them. We stay in that area frequently. Thanks for the head’s up – we’re making some preliminary preparations for tropical weather (stuff that is normally done this time of year anyway) so haven’t had time to keep up with fire. Thanks again.

    • I hope you can reach your friend and that everyone is okay. I spent so many wonderful vacations right there on Laurel Lane, just off High Drive, in what used to be the Wonderview Cabins, now condos. That entire hillside has the most wonderful view of Longs Peak.

      Reports this morning say 20 homes and 1 other structure were lost, 20 acres burned, the fire is 75% contained, and the area is still evacuated.

      I hope Debby dissipates and leaves you and the rest of the Gulf Coast alone. Take care.

      • Oh, Wonderview! And now Garden of the Gods.
        Still waiting for news – sure they and dog are fine, but you’d like to hear. Checking on those in south of state – it looks like there are fires everywhere. The smoke looks horrendous
        Debbie right now is going the other way, but you just never know – so we have supplies and plans in place.
        Sad thing is even after the fires/storms leave you have to deal with insurance companies – believe it or not some are still fighting claims from Hurricane Ike years ago.
        Hoping the wind dies down and some clouds with rain show up your way –

        • Wonderview is safe. The addresses confirmed burned are:

          700 Columbine
          701 Columbine
          716 Columbine
          724 Columbine
          727 Columbine
          732 Columbine
          737 Columbine
          761 Columbine
          779 Columbine
          740 Columbine
          1436 Narcissus (home saved, garage lost)
          1454 Narcissus
          1464 Narcissus
          1466 Narcissus
          1484 Narcissus
          741 Larkspur
          751 Larkspur
          761 Larkspur
          1601 High Drive
          1611 High Drive (2)

          Hope your friend’s place is not among these.

  5. Fire is now contained. Mop-up underway. 20 homes and 2 other structures confirmed lost. 27.3 acres burned. Evacuations still in effect. Power company working to restore power. List of addresses released and “my” place wasn’t on it. Fire was actually east of it, not west.

    Denver Post photos here.

  6. The Denver Post reported today that the Woodland Heights Fire in Estes Park was caused by an electrical power line rubbing against a pine tree.

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