Thank you, Colorado firefighters!!

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Colorado firefighters!!”

      1. I can only imagine the deep chested heartfelt thanks pouring out of your neighbourhoods…those with loss and those without loss. (Throw in a marching band as fire trucks rumble down the road..and I’d be a weeping puddle to be sure!) We oft take so many things for granted….thank you for sharing PT and reminding the rest of us what it means to give…and give…and give.

  1. This is the one thing that renews my faith in mankind and humanity. I hate to see it takes tragedy for this to occur, but it would be horrible if this bonding didn’t occur at all. The way people pull together to thank others and help out those who were not so fortunate in any tragic event. The floods, the tornadoes… it does a heart good to see the gratitude pour forth from people.

    1. Wasn’t it Anne Frank who said, “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart”? I’ve always believed that, too, but until these fires hit, I’d kind of forgotten it.

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