Autostereograms! Of course!

10 thoughts on “Autostereograms! Of course!”

    1. Trust me, the shark is there. You have to focus not on the surface of the image but just in front of it. I got it by focusing on a finger held up right in front of my face, which sort of crossed my eyes, I guess, then held that focus and moved my finger out of the way. It finally popped for me. There are a lot of these things around the web. You might have more success with one of the others.

      1. Dick Tracy?

        I don’t know; a lazy eye might mess it up. The effect has something to do with our stereoscopic vision, I think, and if both eyes aren’t working equally … Hmm. Does that eye affect your depth perception? I dunno, honestly.

  1. Oh I see the shark almost immediately. I always loved those, and they were back in the 80’s. I never had a problem with readjusting my eyes to the proper “focus” to see the image. Maybe it was because I was so blind most of my life I had to learn to squint, focus, refocus and do all kinds of weird stuff.

    Now, the moving dot gif… that’s trippy! I like that!

      1. 3D anything has always come so easy to me. I suppose that’s why I majored in technical graphics and taught 3D cad cam in college.

        Yeah, I literally have to look away from the image in order to bring my focus back to normal.

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