Romney on his boat

Candidate Romney vacations in NH

Romney on his boat
Mitt Romney at the helm with his wife Ann beside him and grandchildren riding in front. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney would probably like to rethink last Thursday, when a photographer got this shot. But no, he was on vacation at his New Hampshire summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee and wanted to take his family for a spin on their yacht. So off they went with Mitt at the helm, his wife Ann at his side, and the grandkids seated up front. Just your typical American family out for a day on the lake. This should help him identify with the average guy, the pot-bellied, beer-drinking Joe trolling a line over the stern of his little 12-footer. Not. And certainly not with those Americans who can’t afford boats at all, or vacations, or lake homes, or any kind of home …

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  1. He is amazing out of tune with what his job is… to appear normal. He is definitely proud of the fact that he’s of the 0.1% and won’t hide that… which should make everyone with any sense in the 99% vote against him.
    But no… they love him, think that he deserves his riches and that their share is coming up soon, if only they vote for him… stupid asses.

  2. Actually, PT, this doesn’t look all that disconnected to me. It’s not a yacht but it is a darn nice boat, obviously. But it’s nothing a lot of upper middle class people wouldn’t aspire to. The truth is that Romney could afford a real yacht, and a darned big one. And, for all anyone knows, he has one – might be in Bermuda or the Caimans, both places which protect privacy with a vengeance.

    And speaking of privacy, check this out. Maybe someone should tell Mitt that Tiger is unloading that baby.

    1. I debated whether to call it a yacht. Wikipedia, on first reading, made it sound okay. Then, this morning, with further reading, I decided maybe this would be a “cruiser.” Hard to tell since we can’t see how long it is and I’m a poor judge of length. It’s a nice enough powerboat, or what we used to called “speedboat,” that most people probably couldn’t afford one. And I’m sure you’re right; he probably has another little runabout at the California beach house and a nice ocean-going putt-putt in the islands.

      What do you suppose Tiger is going to do for transportation after he sells that beast? Maybe he’s getting a bigger one …

  3. This article doesn’t talk about all the homeless people he picked up and gave a lift down the waterfront. Nor does it mention how he donated his boat afterwards to a charity lottery that used the money to open a new soup kitchen. And it certainly doesn’t talk about how Mitt and his family went on to help clean up the town that day by picking up garbage outside of city hall. Or how they adopted a stray puppy from the local animal shelter.

    1. Well, no. A lot of wealthy folks like to be real quiet and modest about the good works they do in the community. However, I would like to know how they got that puppy home. Mitt’s track record on transporting dogs is not the greatest.

  4. I think “cruiser” is a more appropriate name. It’s not a yacht. But I can guarantee this isn’t cheap. Most middle to upper-middle class wouldn’t be able to afford this boat.

    You know, I don’t give a rats ass he’s rich. It’s his lack of understanding and empathy for the poor and those who are losing what they’ve worked so hard to gain. He has no idea what it is like to struggle and break a sweat just to keep your family in a home and food on the table. I have no desire to have anyone as POTUS who was born wealthy and only became more wealthy by destroying others.

    Obama was raised well. Not rich, but not destitute. However due to his biracial parents and growing up during the Civil Rights, he knows what it is like to have obstacles in front of him – and fight to overcome them.

    1. And I imagine he’s pretty well off today. But he’s earned it.

      I agree with you about Romney. “Lack of understanding and empathy” is his problem. I know some very wealthy people, but they are modest about it. They understand, appreciate, and mingle easily with everyone in their community. They don’t hide their money in off-shore accounts; they put it into civic projects, scholarships, and other numerous other good works for their communities. They invest in their cities and states. They maintain low profiles, neither seeking nor wanting publicity for what they do. I have paraphrased before: The mark of a true gentleman is how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

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