Lightning, water, reflection, magic

lightning reflected in water 2

Photo: Steve Mac Photography

lightning reflected in water

Photo: Taylor Bradshaw

lightning landscape

Photo: Lightning landscape image from Bigstock

Great photographs of lightning are doubly impressive considering the possible danger to the photographer. When the lightning is reflected in a body of water, the photo becomes even more dramatic. And when the surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror, the photo must surely be a once-in-a-lifetime prize.

Simone Preuss at Environmental Graffiti assures readers that the remarkable Steve Mac photo is genuine. She has assembled a gallery of 13 of these spectacular photos, with accompanying descriptions. Be sure to check them out.

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14 replies

  1. Specular photos! Though we rarely experienced thunder and lightning on the coast just a few days ago we did. I was so glad that the lightning strikes struck the ocean and not the the forest.

  2. oops! that would be “Spectacular”

  3. Just amazing.Liquid light. What a great find – thanks.

  4. Those images are just too cool PT, and I could spend all day on that Environmental Graffiti site! 😀

  5. These are amazing, PT. I love the thought of lightning: the minerals it brings us, the fact that it is happening all over the globe. Mesmerising yet lethal. Yet essential.

  6. Excellent! I especially love the last one!

  7. Wow. I learned something about organizing fonts, just by showing up at your blog. Cool lightning. I’m with Time Thief, there’s very few lightning strikes along the coast, so whenever I hear thunder I run outside to watch the show. I miss the excitement a good lightning storm brings.


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