Life after Aurora

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    1. I don’t have any particular reluctance to go. I just don’t usually think of it as something to do by myself. Senior admission to matinees is about as cheap as it gets these days, but still “The Avengers” at the local IMAX set me back $12. Ouch.

      1. I haven’t been to the movies in a very long time so my memories on how much it cost is probably unreliable, but $12 for a senior discounted ticket seems outrageous to me. Of course, I don’t think IMAX theaters even existed back then… 😆

  1. It is unnerving…not so much the gun issue itself but WHO is behind the trigger? How do you govern that? I don’t know…there are plenty of seemingly normal people walking around who are really nuts.

  2. ditto on all the normal people walking around ready to explode and reveal they aren’t normal.
    I think second about some large events now…..and always look for exits when I go in somewhere (now that’s sad)
    Also I do avoid those guys wearing the oversized winter coats and hats walking around in extreme heat…too odd to be normal….especially considering those aren’t the homeless guys.

    1. No, locating the exits isn’t sad at all. I read an article earlier today urging situational awareness in the wake of the theater shootings. It’s good advice any time. Situational awareness is one of the first things you learn when learning to drive. It’s what you’re told to do in hotels when staying overnight (know where the nearest exits are in case of fire). As an airline passenger, you make sure you know where the exits are and maybe even count the rows in case you can’t see. The list is long because it’s sound advice. I thought the article was going to start off immediately saying we should all carry guns, just in case; I was so relieved to see someone (a woman, naturally) talking common sense.

  3. Absolutely not! That’s all I need… a bunch of untrained people carrying guns around me. It’s one thing to go to a shooting range and practice – and it’s completely another thing to be in a hectic, stressful and very emotional situation. Target practice does not teach one how to control their emotions in a dire situation. Most people would probably start randomly shooting at anyone they think is threatening – and that may be everyone. When frightened, everyone may appear to be threatening.

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