Mustn’t miss ‘Moonshot’

16 thoughts on “Mustn’t miss ‘Moonshot’”

    1. Good idea. Those of us who remember it can enjoy reliving it. Those too young to remember it must see it and perhaps get some idea of just how monumental it was. I think I read somewhere that the computer controlling that landing (or maybe it was the entire mission) was no more powerful than one of today’s laptops. Maybe today’s young people can appreciate it that way.

      1. Watching yet another follow-up show, “Tech Effect: Apollo 11.” And I’m awed all over again by the descriptions of the power of the Saturn rocket. Can’t believe men agreed to sit on top of that thing to be launched into space!

      2. Yeah, I’m watching it too. It’s too bad Our Generation: Apollo 11: The Moon Landing isn’t n my guide for later, as I’d record it too!

      3. Oh yeah. This new one’s only at 22% capacity. The old one’s sitting on top of it, waiting for me to watch a few favorites before I turn it in to my cable company. Of course, having two does come in handy when I need to watch something while recording on the only two channels one DVR can handle at a time…. 😳

      4. I wish I had a video of the last few minute of Tech Effect, for the idiots who still claim it was all a waste of money!!

        Dammit, my cable is screwing up. Whole blocks of channels, including The History Channel, keep freezing up! Oh well, another stupid waste of time on hold coming up… Argh!!

      5. Yes, it reminded me that even if we never return to the moon, we couldn’t have moved forward without the knowledge we gained there.

        Cable — guaranteed to screw up at the worst possible time. Hope they fix that for you PDQ.

      6. Sure makes me wonder about it’s origins. And what about Apollo 10? I hadn’t thought about that in like forever. That had to really suck to get so close to a landing only to leave it for the next crew!!

        BTW, my recordings have started and the cable seems to be cooperating… X= (fingers crossed) 😀

      1. Looks like I’ll be glued to the History Channel for the rest of the afternoon — and I’m not even dressed yet! Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out during the next station break.

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